“Totally Didn’t” Book Tag

This book tag was created by ReadLikeWildfire on Booktube. You can check out her video here! I couldn't resist doing this. Everyone is welcome to do this tag. *DISCLAIMER*  I don't mean to offend anyone. These are my views and opinions about these books. Feel free to comment your thoughts down below. So here it goes: Totally … Continue reading “Totally Didn’t” Book Tag


Midnight Curse – Melissa F. Olsen

We've all fantasized about being a vampire, werewolf or a witch at some point in our lives! Well now I wanna be a null! Scarlett Bernard is a human with an ability to 'null' out the magic around her. Any supernatural being loses their ability of being 'supernatural' and any magical object becomes a mere object … Continue reading Midnight Curse – Melissa F. Olsen