Genuine Fraud- A gripping Mystery

"She was scrappy, yet willing to please, feminist yet feminine, full of rage yet friendly, articulate yet not dogmatic." Every body loves Imogen Sokoloff; she's rich, friendly, helpful and charming. Every body wants to be her; including Jule, and so she becomes her. There are certain books which keep you hooked right from the start, … Continue reading Genuine Fraud- A gripping Mystery


The Sun Jumpers- Time travel of ‘cave schooled’ teenagers

"Words are in time! Time is made up of words!" This book is about a group of teenagers from 10,000 years ago who are determined to save their clan. However, they haven't seen a single person outside their clan and they plan to go looking for them. Thus they embark on their journey which leads … Continue reading The Sun Jumpers- Time travel of ‘cave schooled’ teenagers