Magical story of ‘Children of Blood and Bone’

"Each symbol takes me back to another lesson, another story, another wisdom. I look at Mama, waiting. Is this a gift or what she'll use to beat me?" Things changed when the magic disappeared in Orïsha. Maji were subjected to cruelty and slaughter under the rule of a ruthless King. But Zélie has a chance to bring … Continue reading Magical story of ‘Children of Blood and Bone’


PRALAY: The Great Deluge

"You could take away their homes, their lands, their loved ones, their wealth and everything they held dear. But you could never take away one thing from human being. Hope." Pralay is the second book in the Harappa Series. It starts from where it was left off in the first book taking the reader through … Continue reading PRALAY: The Great Deluge