Himalayan White: Retired Colonel’s fight against Mafia

Retired Colonel Gautam Shukla saves a young army widow from being kidnapped one morning, which leads to him being involved in a battle against Indian mafia. Facing Bhima Yadav, a powerful politician, dealing in the drug market, Shukla finds himself in the mission of destroying them. Plot with a Strong Hero This book definitely has … Continue reading Himalayan White: Retired Colonel’s fight against Mafia


Column of Fire- Ken Follett

The much awaited sequel of KEN FOLLETT’s The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, ‘A Column of Fire’ releases on 12th September. Presenting to you, the cover of the long awaited book. About the Book Christmas 1558, and young Ned Willard returns home to Kingsbridge to find his world has changed. The ancient stones of Kingsbridge Cathedral look down on … Continue reading Column of Fire- Ken Follett