Flight to Social Moksha “Between You and Me”

When education is not guaranteed by the State, how can education alone be the criterion to be admitted into the government to rule?

Between You and Me is a thought provoking book asking questions with regard to social, political and economic aspects of our country.  The author doesn’t shy away from expressing unpopular opinions starting from Eklavya and Karna from ancient India to Narendra Modi. He introduces us to people and systems which have been/are important but have never been talked about before. This book takes you on a journey of re-introducing you to India and expressing opinions with regard to changes needed today.


Reading this book is important

This is a book of opinions, of how the author feels have we progressed as a country and the reasons why we are still ‘developing’. It covers all aspects from our leaders, to our laws.

Why is it an important book you ask? Because the author asks you the why of our system! He asks you questions which you probably never thought of and suggests methods and positions which may bring about change. He suggests to not only be focused on changing the driver but the car itself (driver being the leader and car being the system!).

What was interesting is that even though I need not agree with a few opinions with the author, I never felt offended by any suggestion, or any comment made by him.

Writing Style

The writing is what made this book a wonderful read. The author directly interacts with the reader, tells you how he feels and why he feels them. He gives a reason for all his opinions and helps you understand certain aspects (which a layman might not know) by giving real life examples and metaphors.

The author has been thorough with every detail and every topic and does not shy away from discussing the J&K issue or death penalty. He suggests theory and a model system which is realistic and easy to understand.

Final Thoughts

Throughout the book, the author explains certain aspects from his life and experiences over the years. I recommend this book to everyone; every person from all ages and fields should read this book.

I hope this review encourages you to read it. I would be happy to discuss this book and know your opinions too.


Title : Between You and Me: Flight to Societal Moksha
Author : Atul khanna
Publisher : Bloomsbury
Publication: 2018
Language : English
Pages : 291
Rating : 4/5

Disclaimer: Thanks to the author for a copy. All opinions are my own.

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