‘Unlocked Silences’- Beautiful and Inspirational Poetry

“An unlocked silence came to life in an echo. A trapped memory was set to free the skies”

Unlocked Silences is a book which everyone needs to have in their life. The author has beautifully written such words which make you feel compassionate and gives you a sense of belonging. It embraces the concepts of solitude, heartache, love and hope and inspires you towards life.


Different themes

Although this book generally captures such details of life which are usually left unsaid, it captures various themes of hurt, healing, faith and belief. My favorites include ‘Black and White’ which was an ode to women, ‘Choice’, ‘How hopeful are you?’ and ‘They Said’. The words touched me in a way I never believed they could. It made me wonder and connect to emotions which the author was trying to portray. It gave me hope and feel compassionate towards life.

“Unspoken words put to rest in locked silences to suffocate.

Amidst all this, a blistered voice of the heart came to life.”

Writing Style

Although Khurana is a debut author, this book is written in a wonderful way. It is an easy read which engulfs you right from the first poem. I read this book in one sitting and still each word left an impression, and each poem made me believe.

Along with poems, this book also includes abstracts and excerpts which were carefully positioned with the themes and headings. The title of the poems too beautifully captured the essence of the author’s work

“They said healing was for the broken,

But so was hope.

They said solitude was for the broken,

But so was companionship.”

Final Thoughts

This book is like a companion through life. During the times when you’re low or when you need words of inspiration, this book is capable of bringing you out. It understands you, helps you and embraces you in warmth and love. Well this sounds like it’s your mom (lol!) but through out the book I felt that the only word which truly describes this book is ‘inspirational’.

It is a definite recommendation to all, no matter if you a teenager or a grown up, this book touches your heart. If you don’t read poetry, you could start with reading this one.

Title : Unlocked Silences
Author : Mukhpreet Khurana
Publisher : Notion Press
Publication: 2018
Language : English
Pages : 158
Rating : 4/5

Disclaimer: Thanks to the author for a copy. All opinions are my own.


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