A Life to Die for- Kashmir’s struggle

“The end of the quest belonged to a shore, a lone shore.”

This book is about a girl, who has lived in a small cottage, hidden from the outside world, and her exposure results in a mass riot; it is the story of the people of Kashmir, their life and their struggle. It is about the courage needed for a change and your love for your land and its people.


Interesting Plot

The author seems to have done a lot of research regarding the life of of people in Kashmir (or Kashwarg, as in the book.) The book talks about various theories and has an intricately built plot. Every aspect of the people’s life including religion, economy, social behaviour and their lifestyle gave an insight to their world which we might not have otherwise known.

Didn’t enjoy the writing style

Although I really appreciate the plot line, I did not enjoy the writing style of the author. There was a constant shift in point of views throughout the book, despite it written in third person, and I never realized the change. The story line was difficult to follow most of the times for me and I could not realize when the situation changed.

Prolonged past

Almost every chapter included a portion where there was a  description of the past which went for a stretch and felt dragged most of the time. It was essential for the plot to continue but it became dull during that point and I struggled to get through them.

Final thoughts

The theme of the book really inspired me to read it and experience all the emotions which came along with it. However, I wished for a clear division in between the change of situations (which is there at certain points but not throughout the book). You would enjoy the book if you like reading political dramas and the life of Kashmiris.

Title : A Life to Die For
Author : Nilay Shah
Publisher : Zorba Books
Publication: 2017
Language : English
Pages : 334
Rating : 2.5/5

Disclaimer: This Book Review is a part of The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program and Book Promotions. To know more, log on to http://thereaderscosmos.blogspot.in/ . All opinions are my own. 


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