The Sun Jumpers- Time travel of ‘cave schooled’ teenagers

“Words are in time! Time is made up of words!”

This book is about a group of teenagers from 10,000 years ago who are determined to save their clan. However, they haven’t seen a single person outside their clan and they plan to go looking for them. Thus they embark on their journey which leads them to California in the 21st century!


Interesting Start

I started to like this book from the beginning. The world build up was fascinating and I loved the fact that it wasn’t dragged. The plot had a clever mix of fantasy with YA. Luber has done a great job at writing this book; it is filled with beautiful thoughts of life and cave culture.

Journey to another the world

The best part of the whole concept of time travelling in this book was that it didn’t go on and on. Soon enough, the characters find themselves in the modern day America and it was fun to read characters exploring the new world; at the same time trying to explain theirs to their ‘friend of the 21st century’, Darren. It made me feel that I did not cherish enough to be born in this era.

Dealt with important issues 

The author brilliantly included various issues of racism, the problem of troubled relationships and the idea to believe in yourself. This book was full of love, compassion and friendships and there was not a single dull moment. I absolutely adored the fact that there was no religion specific ideologies in this book. Along with modern day American culture, India was mentioned at various instances along with river Gan (hinting at river Ganga maybe?) and the main characters name to be Sita, I loved the diversity of it all.

The book was full of humor and sarcastic dialogues and hinted at various issues which still persist in our society.

“My mother and father will never believe this. He said I could be the next shaman. I can’t tell them. No Kishoki woman has ever been a shaman!”

Final Thoughts

It was a fun and gripping read. Throughout the book, I had a feeling of being with the characters. It made me cherish all the things in life and fall in love with the style of story telling of the author. A definite recommendation to the fans of YA-fantasy.

Title : The Sun Jumpers
Author : Ken Luber
Publisher : Dog Ear
Publication: 2016
Language : English
Pages : 287
Rating : 4/5

Disclaimer: Thanks to the author for a copy. All opinions are my own.




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