Is it you or your ‘Copy Cat’

“There she goes. Making her way home to the family she does not deserve. To the family she will lose, when she is finally destroyed.”

Sarah Havenant has a happy life. Great job, loving husband and three amazing kids. But her life doesn’t stay the same after she discovers her ‘fake’ facebook profile. The details of the profile are accurate, photos of her, her family and friends, photos inside her house, of the day before. Who is doing this? Is it a silly prank or something bigger than that?


Impressive Plot-line

If you’ve read the blurb of the book, you’ll know what I’m talking about! It has a great and interesting start. Unlike most of the mystery books, this one gets straight to the plot right from the first chapter. This book is divided into three parts and the first two are absolutely thrilling. Certain chapters are written from the antagonists POV and it gave me chills. There were moments after which I was terrified.

Another interesting part of the book was that the author covered all aspects of the plot. As and when you started to suspect one person, the author suspected the same in the next few chapters which nullified your suspect because then you know it couldn’t be that person. Lake plays you throughout the book. This book keeps you on the edge.

Interesting Writing Style

The author has a way of playing with the words. Every chapter was beautifully crafted and it gripped me from its first paragraph. The insights from the antagonists POV were so remarkably written that I could not keep the book down.

Unremarkable Second Half

After over 200 pages, I realized the real threat and the nail biting element of the book was something I discovered, because of which I didn’t enjoy the ‘third part’. I was still looking forward to the reason which led to what happened and I was thoroughly disappointed.

Final Thoughts

I loved the first two parts of the book and it was going strong for me. I didn’t enjoy the ending though, it was dragged and not as exciting as the rest of the book. The reading process was great but I wish to have loved it as much as I was hoping to. If you’re looking for a good thriller book, do give it a read! You might enjoy it.


Title : Copy Cat
Author : Alex Lake
Publisher : HarperCollins
Publication: 2017
Language : English
Pages : 404
Rating : 3.5/5

Disclaimer: Thanks to HarperCollins for a copy. All opinions are my own.


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