Unlawful Justice: Reality you’ll not like but you can’t ignore

“Maheep Singh shouldn’t have been there. Split second, wrong turn. Disastrous consequence.”

Baby, daughter of a household help of the Diwan family, is attacked and raped. But the rapist is the son of Maninder Singh, a powerful criminal and Vansh Diwan’s biggest client. Akash, Diwan’s family friend and the best lawyer in town has taken up the case but it becomes a murder investigation from a rape investigation. The story unfolds through crime scenes, investigations and court room drama.


Great Start

This book starts with a bang! The author comes straight to the plot right from the first chapter. The story intrigued me from the beginning and the creative analysis of the events by the author was excellent and engaging. It is fast paced and I could not keep the book down.

Realistic Plot-line

The plot is intriguing and realistic. It is not a far-fetched thriller; in fact it deals with various circumstances, crimes and people who very well exist in real life. You’ll not like it but you can’t ignore it.

“Money; Vansh knew he could extract as much as he wanted for making this case go away from Maheep’s life.”

The power of money, resourcefulness, illicit connections- every incidence to avoid justice has been put together in this story.

The investigations done throughout the book are engaging. The author has written them magnificently; there was not a dull moment. I looked forward to every clue disclosed and enjoyed the thrill which came along with it.

The court room drama which happens in the third part of the book, was absolutely fantastic. Every procedure, every detail was sharp and to the point. The legal provisions were explained at various instances and they were crisp and well described.

Final Thoughts

The author surprised me on various occasions when I absolutely did not expect certain incidents. There were moments in this book where I was just left astounded. However, I had anticipated the ending. I realized who did what (not spilling the beans here!) way ahead of the story. The author has given prominent hints throughout the book and that worked a little against him since I deciphered the whole plot and hence did not enjoy the ending.

However, there were no unnecessary explanations and backgrounds and I loved the writing style of the book. The ending is morally reprehensible but all in all, it was an enjoyable read.


Title : Unlawful Justice
Author : Vish Dhamija
Publisher : HarperCollins India
Publication: 2017
Language : English
Pages : 294
Rating : 3.25/5

Disclaimer: Thanks to HarperCollins for a copy. All opinions are my own.





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