Baaz – Anuja Chauhan


One of the best books I’ve read so far, Baaz steals the show. Chauhan has created such a captivating and loving story and I instantly fell in love with her writing.

Why do they call you Baaz?
It means falcon, he replies solemnly. Or bird of prey. Because I swoop down on the enemy planes just like a Baaz would.
Then he grins. The grey eyes sparkle.
It’s also short for bastard.


Looking for a character to fall in love with? Ishaan ‘Baaz’ Faujdar, who is initially just a bastard son, becomes a Gnat pilot in the Indian Air Force. He is confident, smart, witty; waiting to be a part of the Indo-Pak war, and is flanked by his friends Maddy and Raka. Tehemia Dadyseth, a budding journalist, is a character you fall in love with a little more than the protagonist.

This book is full of action, love and emotions, of war, friendships, family and romance. I loved every bit of this book. It’s an absolute page-turner. It is well paced, the character development is amazing and the plot is incredible. The book is detailed and I’m stunned with the amount of research the author has done to get everything related to the Indian Air Force on point. Been born and brought up in the society of IAF, I could relate to every little detail; that being said, this book is written so beautifully that no reader would face any problem understanding the fauji parlance.

This book is an absolute stunner and I would definitely recommend everyone to read this book.



*Thank you HarperCollins India for sending me a copy of this book.*


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