Made You Up – Francesca Zappia

“Sometimes I think people take reality for granted.”

This book is addictive and weirdly beautiful. Alex is a girl who suffers from schizophrenia. She can’t help but be paranoid about everything since the lines between reality and hallucinations is blurred for her. To be able to read from the point of view of such a person and be able to feel it is what makes this book such an amazing read.


“Everyone’s interesting if you stare at them long enough.”

Initially I thought that this book would be emotional and a cliché but it was surprisingly refreshing and fun to read. It was most definitely NOT a cliché. I did not expect to like this book so much. To be able to identify the reality of a situation as a reader, of a thing which happened in the past in the book became difficult which made this book even more interesting. The writing was pure bliss. The plot was too good and the character development was just amazing.

I liked Alex. The fact that she was fierce and strong made me like her even more. Miles was a complex character and I spent most of my non- reading time figuring out if he was real or not. I liked the fact that romance was not a huge part of the story. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Even though it’s YA and a debut novel, the author has done a great job and everyone can enjoy reading this book.


*Thank you HarperCollins India for sending me a copy of this book.*