Almost Adulting – Arden Rose

“No one in the history of mankind has ever been exactly identical to me. That is an incredible and humble idea. I am the only me that will ever exist, and regardless of how insecure I can feel at times, I’m going to do a damn good job at me-ing.”

Almost Adulting is a book for all those 20 something year olds who are still figuring out their way in the adult life. It is no guide to entering adulthood, nor is it an educational book for adults. It’s a book written by a 21 year old, sharing her experiences and telling you it’s okay to feel what you are feeling, it’s okay to be going to through things, they are all part of growing up. The book, in around 200 pages, deals with a lot of topics like:

-Self importance

-Modern day relationships

-Body image

-Mental issues






Rose has done a great job in writing this book, the writing was no formal way of expression by the author, it felt like a friend telling you things which are important, to guide you through this age, to tell you it’s going to be okay! A lot of the things said in the book were something we all have learned, from parents, from experiences, but reading those things written by a person around your age will give you a certain sense of belongingness. Reading it made me feel good about myself (and may be a little about people too 😉 )

“With the right level of judgment and discernment, you can find a best friend, or a boyfriend, without ever leaving your bedroom.”

I liked the book, it was a light read and I would recommend everyone going through their 20s (Hey, it honestly doesn’t matter, read it no matter how old you are!) to read this book. It’s funny, easy to read and totally relatable. It has cute little sketches everywhere and it’s totally adorable.


I will not be rating this book because I feel it’s unfair and my rating scale will not do justice to this one. 🙂 Happy Reading!


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