Here be Dragons – Mohit Uppal

“You don’t need a degree in philosophy or complex psychological deliberations to achieve existential peace. Sometimes all it takes is a good pizza!”

There is one thing I can not say no to in a book, and that is friendship, and this book was all about that. The story is about three friends, an Indian (Ayaan), an American (Aiden) and a Korean (Kwan-Hoon) meeting after years and in search of a girl from Kwan’s past.


This book was terrifyingly engrossing. From the very first page, I was thoroughly invested in the book and over a 100 pages into it, I wanted to know what had really happened in the past, who was this girl Kwan desperately wanting to find and what had happened with him when he was in the army! I absolutely loved Aiden. It was fun to read anything and everything he said and his commitment towards his friends was what I loved the most. As for Ayaan, since the book started from his PoV, I expected the book to be more of his story which obviously it wasn’t.  I really wanted to know more of Aiden and Ayaan.

The writing style is easy and engaging, the development of the story was well paced and the plot had a lot of potential; the kind of suspense which had eventually built up was amazing. That being said, I did not like the way the story unfolded in the end. I had expected so much that I was a little disappointed in the end. The plot  revolves around the story of Kwan with teeny-bitsy stories of Ayaan and Aiden.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to read more work from the author who was kind enough to send me a copy of this book.

RATING: 3.25/5 STARS 🙂


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