Gemina – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff


“Patience and Silence had one beautiful daughter. And her name was Vengeance.”

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I mean Illuminae set some really high standards for this series but I loved Gemina as much, if not more! This series is so new and refreshing and I love I love it I love it! This series is the best thing which has happened to me this year.


The story is set up in Heimdall, the jump station which the Alexandra and the Hypatia were trying to reach in Book 1. Our main characters in this book are Hanna, who is the daughter of the Captain of Heimdall and Niklas, who is from a family of criminals.

Now it did take me time to understand and like the characters from this book as much as I liked Kady and Ezra but I reached there and by the end of this book, I loved them. This book blew my mind in so many places that I cried and got excited and I was fooled again and again and again! It was just crazy. The plot, the writing, the characters, the damn Lamina were just so incredible! This book is so remarkably written and those pictures, oh my god, Marie Lu has done such an amazing job! It’s not like reading any book, it’s an experience!


Hanna Donnelly is the Captain’s daughter; she is pampered, she is loved and she is a kick-ass woman (girl!), literally! I really liked her in this book, not as much as Kady, but she’s close. I loved the way she was written and the character development was on point!


Initially, I did not like Nik. I did not feel connected and I could not understand him at all, until Ella came into the picture and Hanna, Nik and Ella started working together. That moment when Nik killed one of the bad guys in the washroom, it broke my heart, the way he had to deal with his first kill.

Ella is one character I loved from the start. The moment her character was introduced, I knew I’m going to adore her. She was just so good, her hacking skills were amazing and I think she and Hanna are going to make great friends!

Jackson was okay-ish but I wasn’t really sure what to think of him since there was not much to think about until he started asking Donna to surrender herself. Yes, that’s definitely when I started not liking him. The reveal after that wasn’t that much of a surprise then.

Kali, the evil bitch, was so well written! I think I liked her more than Falk. The elevator scene with Kali and Hanna was so much fun to read. Every time they had a head on fight, I loved it!

The story development! I was not expecting it, AT ALL!

Hypatia: Hanna, you said Nik Malikov was “gone”?

Hanna D: Yes. THey

Hanna D: they shot him

Hanna D: He’s dead.

Hypatia: You’re certain?

Hanna D: Look lady, I dont mean to sound like a ***, but I’ve got his blood all over my hands from when he died in my arms

Hanna D: so yes, I’m pretty ****ing certain

Hypatia: It’s just we’re receiving a second transmission from Heimdall right at this very moment

Hypatia: The speaker is identifying himself as Nik Malikov.

Hanna D: That’s not possible

Hanna D: It’s a trick.

Hanna D: He died. I was there.

Hypatia: Well, here’s the thing, Hanna.

Hypatia: He’s saying exactly the same thing about you.

I had chills reading about deaths and I cried and then it turned out they were not dead. What?! Yes! Parallel universe you guys! And I had not recovered from the switch of Nik from parallel universe to regular universe when Ella shows up in both the universes. Now the thing is, Ella was presumed dead a few chapters before but then she climbs down from the ventilator!  And then she dies in the parallel universe. Like whyyyyyyy? What do you do that to us?  But then she is alive on regular universe so OUR Nik comes back from the parallel universe. Then the story is from Jackson’s PoV and he kills everyone, Ella, Nik and Hanna. I just couldn’t believe all the main characters just died.


Back to the trials, going on in the present, where Hanna’s voice comes up and she is NOT DEAD. FOOLED AGAIN! So we get to see what actually happened and it turned out Jackson helped them escape, sacrificed himself as Heimdall was blown up and they are all alive! Happy ending? WE DON’T KNOW! How did they get back to the solar system since they were stuck with Hypatia with no wormhole around??


Well, we’ll find out in fall 2017!

Which color do you think the next book will be?



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