Character Discussion: Empire of Storms

Hello there! It’s been over 20 days that I read Empire of Storms and wrote my review but I felt that I could not express all my views of the characters in the book! I gave the book 4 stars only because of Manon. Please excuse me if I’m not being all that positive of other characters but I felt that since I could not include every character aspect in my review, I should write this character discussion. *DISCLAIMER* If you haven’t read this book, please read it and come back and I would love to have a book discussion in the comments down below!

Aelin Galathynius

She is the main character of the book and we are supposed to like her; but I felt a disconnect with her in this book. I did not like that in order to not disclose what she was up to, the author was deceiving the readers. Even though there were various chapters from her POV, it seemed like we didn’t even know what she was thinking and this destroys the whole point of first person writing. I really enjoyed reading the character Celaena Sardothien but the character development of Aelin has not been my favorite.

Rowan Whitethorn

Let me just say it, I do not like Rowan. I feel that there is no individuality to the character. I have absolutely no view for Rowan separately; however I feel it’s important to discuss the couple, Aelin and Rowan! Tbh, I was never a fan. I did enjoy reading the parts where they kept their distance and it was just about the blood oath but we all knew that they were mates and all that crap and it happened and the final revelation by Maeve  wasn’t a shock at all and I was not upset. It didn’t feel all that important may be because of the disconnect with Aelin and everything personal related to her.


Now this is a character I did like. She is independent, she is smart, she is loyal. Her growth as a character is beautiful. I really like the fact that Maas has not hurried Lysandra and Aedion, which let’s be honest we all know is gonna happen! The need for Lysandra to not be in a relationship is understandable and respectable. I also enjoy reading her because she is fiercely loyal and determined. There needs to be more characters like her. (Just saying!)

Aedion Ashryver

Aedion reminds me of Rhysand from ACOMAF, violet eyes and a sassy mouth! Chapters from his POV made me go through all sorts of emotion. This is probably what was expected from Aelin, and Aedion kind of compensated for it a little. The way he does not cross a line with Lysandra is what I loved the most. I also like the fact that Maas has tried to include a bisexual aspect to him, however I do feel that it could’ve been more defined and inclusive in the story. There was this moment, when Lysandra was injured in the form of sea dragon, and Aedion told her he is going to marry her someday and Lysandra rolling her eyes was my favorite scene of the two.

Dorian Havilliard

Dorian Havilliard, King of Adarlan, did absolutely nothing in this book except solve a riddle (in the end), fight a little here and there (nothing extraordinary) and made chauvinist statements at Manon Blackbeak. I was really really looking forward to “Manorian” and it happened and I hated it. I feel that instead on focusing on Aelin and Rowan too much, Maas could’ve focused a little more to Dorian and Manon if not Dorian individually.

Manon Blackbeak

Former Heir to the Blackbeak Clan and the freaking Crochan Queean (that reveal though!) If you have read my review of the book, you probably know how much I loved Manon in this book. There were two instances in this book which I absolutely loved and my highlights of the book and both were related to Manon, Abraxos and the Thirteen!

  1. When Manon swung Wind Cleaver at her Grandmother and chose to save Asterin! This was the moment where I knew I loved Manon.
  2. When Abraxos brought the Thirteen to save the day in the end. You know the moment you have goosebumps and tears in your eyes? THIS WAS THE MOMENT!

I really wish there was more to her character in the second half of the book but I’m not gonna crib about anything related to Manon because I love her too much!

Elide and Lorchan

I grew quite fond of Elide and the way she managed herself over the series of situations, and I liked the way she managed herself even after the protection of Lorchan. It was irritating when Lorchan started to get protective of her since the same fae male territorial nonsense was going on with almost every male character! But I definitely like Elide and Lorchan together and would love to read more about them as a couple!

I could go on and on about this book, but I’d say that if it were not for Manon, I would’ve given this book 3.5 stars but she makes me wanna give it 4 STARS!


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