Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks

“I’ve come to believe that in everyone’s life, there’s one undeniable moment of change, a set of circumstances that suddenly alters everything.”

My moment of change was this book and I’ve fallen in love with Nicholas Sparks and I’m going to go and read all his books! This was the first book of his that I picked up and I really liked it. I used to have the impression of his books being too mushy, soppy and amorous. But Safe Haven is a book which takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. I was happy, I was sad, I was terrified, I was traumatized and I was touched. The pace of the book was steady through out! The plot of the story was full of twists and turns.  It is an absolute page-turner!


Now the first part of the book is engaging. Katie is a new girl in Southport. She has found the courage to escape from a very bad situation. She is determined not to get close to anybody as her past still haunts her. I could understand how she felt the need to not get vulnerable, but when she realized what her heart wanted, she was wholeheartedly into it! I absolutely enjoyed Katie as the main character.

Alex is the love interest of Katie. He is a single father; his wife died a few years prior to when the story takes place. He has two children, Josh and Kristen! They are adorable kids and Alex is an amazing father. He worries about his kids, tries to come up with new ideas to hang out with his kids, and protect them! He is like this prefect guy; caring, reliable, generous and seems to understand Katie and at the same time, give her the space she needs.


Another very important character is Jo. Jo is Katie’s neighbor and her first friend in Southport. She helps Katie find answers to what she is looking for, even though she might not straight up give it to her. She helps Katie in being her true self and accept the present. She also plays a very important part is bringing Alex and Katie together. Even though Jo was not present throughout the book as a character, she played a very crucial role in building up the story. And in the end, the grand reveal just blew up my mind.

But the book becomes so much more exciting when Kevin enters.


Now Kevin I LOVED reading! HE is the past that haunts Katie. He is a total psychopath. Sparks made him sound so confused and delightfully disturbed. Reading about him felt like reading the mind of an actual, breathing, living crazy person. The chapters from his POV were, for me, the best. He made the book go from 5 straight to 8!

I really enjoyed reading this book and I saw the movie after and it’s obvious I did not like it as much. They the changed things here and there and could not portray all the emotions and the crazy side of Kevin as much, which honestly, was what I was looking forward to!

So if you haven’t read this book, you should definitely go ahead and read it! I picked it up as a light read but it became much more to me!

RATING : 4 / 5 Stars 🙂 (I would’ve given this book 3.5 stars BUT Kevin!)


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